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Flextrash started with Bas, that happy face with that bunch of curls. As a father of 2 and a busy entrepeneur, Bas is often on the move. And although his children are adorable and hard work is often a lot of fun, they also both cause a big mess in his car. Sounds familiair? To be honest, Yes! As we started to dive into the waste issues in cars and along highways, we discovered that this problem is much bigger.  Far too often trash ends up in our beautiful nature because the bin in just too far away. That's were we come in!

With our ever enthousiastic team of, currently two quirky women, we give you a bin that travels with you! A blissful day out on the water? All aboard with Flextrash. Extended weekend get away roadtrip? Easy! Flextrash on your headrest. Summer holiday camping in the mountains? Not without the Campstick and your favourite color bin. But how about a day at the beach, in the park, during your BBQ, in your garden or next to your tent? Flextrash is your new buddy!

As a bin with a mission, we also care deeply about our manufacturing. The Flextrash Coverbag is made from old plastic bottles and you can easily wash it in your washing machine together with your dirty laundry. Bye, bye dirty hands! Prefer using liners? All custom fit trashbags are made from PLA, a raw material that is extracted from corn or sugar and is fully biodegradable. As an additional bonus Flextrash ships nice and small because it is a waste bin made of fabric. We just fold it! Our design guru Basten works daily on improving our circularity and sustainability.