After months of hard work we can finally announce that FLEXTRASH.COM is live and ready to rock! Do you have a question, comment, praise, critical note or any other feedback for us; we would love to hear from you!


Welcome to our experience page where we share the latest FLEXTRASH developments with you. You can also find helpful user tips, inspiration and a sneak peek in our company. Are you with us? #FLEXTRASH.


Viva Valencia! Where else should you go for some new outstanding pics? Our team had a great week and we are extremely proud of the results! Hasta la proxima!


Did you know that the COVERBAG of our trash bins is entirely made out of recycled PET bottles? By making plastic filaments from the bottles and converting them into threads we allow our seamstresses to easily create the most colorful cover bags.


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Thanks to all the great feedback we received from you Flextrash can now be used at many more places. Ever thought of your camper, boat or desk? The possibilities are endless!